WWW II Aviation Nose-Art and Custom Metal Fabrication Items...

Metal Fabrication and Nose Art

WWW II Aviation Nose Art and Metal Fabrication!

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Architectural Features

A mural that I painted several years ago for the Presidio Apartments.
This was an outdoor theater for the residents.

WW II Nose-Art/Aviation

Custom and special reproductions of WW II Nose Art....

Wall Murals and Paintings

Murals for restaurants, offices, museums and garages....

Fabrication 1&2

Custom Car modification, Themed Park  Benches, Sharks, Aviation Items....

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As the United States entered World War II, nose art regulations were relaxed, or in many cases totally ignored. WWII would become the golden age of aircraft artistry.

Artwork was typically painted on the nose of the plane, and the term "nose art" was coined.

The nose art was a morale booster for the United States servicemen. A bit of personalization if you will.

This artistry played an important role in American history. I have a personal attachment to this era. I paint pieces for museums and personal collections. Give me a call if you have a personal story you would like to share or a nose art idea you would like re-created. 713-817-8997


Jason Barnet "Artist" Houston, Texas

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